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Nonlinear Event-Triggered Networked Feedback Control System Under Data-Rate Constrains

EasyChair Preprint no. 6878

4 pagesDate: October 19, 2021


The paper describes an Event-Triggered Non-linear Control (ETNC) approach for Networked Feedback Control System (NFCS) under data-rate constraints. The nonlinear approach is based on the predefined sliding variable defined by the system states with a nonlinear switching function, which ensures the system stability by holding the variable in the prescribed boundary. The stability boundary of the sliding variable is subject to the preselected triggering condition, which selection is a tradeoff of system performance and network data-rate constraints. The primary purpose of triggering conditions is lowering network resources utilization while ensuring the proper performance of the NFCS. Regarding network constraints, the minimum inter-event time of controller update is derived. The efficiency of the proposed NFCS method is confirmed with the results on the real system.

Keyphrases: Event-triggering, networked control system, nonlinear system, sliding mode control

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