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Consciousness, Time Perception and Spirituality From

EasyChair Preprint no. 11577

28 pagesDate: December 19, 2023


Humanity has been on a quest for consciousness since the dawn of civilization. Advances in cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence have made comprehending the mind's scientifically representational form possible. David Chalmers' "Hard Problems of Consciousness" attracted academicians worldwide and rewrapped the study of consciousness in the 1990s. Many theories of consciousness have been put forward to tackle this interdisciplinary topic. However, it is debatable whether any or all of them might be, in a generic way, philosophically acceptable. The search for congruence between the objective and subjective inner worlds has historically remained a debatable problem for thinkers and researchers. In contrast, historically, spiritual seekers have traditionally been able to realize inner-world consciousness and transcendence within themselves.

This extended abstract of the paper provides a glimpse into examining the intricacy of consciousness, among other aspects, at the confluence of time perception and spirituality.

Keyphrases: Consciousness, time perception, Transcendence

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