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Demographic Effects on Mid-Air Gesture Preference for Control of Devices: Implications for Design

EasyChair Preprint no. 5266

8 pagesDate: April 1, 2021


After eliciting 129 potential task-gesture combinations for 23 Smart TV tasks with a Canadian sample (N=22), we then conducted studies that collected participant preference scores on mid-air bare-hand gestures for TV control in both Canada (N=747) and China (N=300), and we analyzed the effect of characteristics of individual participants on gesture preference scores. The results showed that age and cultural differences are important in determining task-gesture preferences. While exploratory, the present results indicate a need for more research in this area and suggest that one of two possible strategies may need to be adopted in designing future gesture interactions: 1) develop customized task-gesture combinations for different cultures and different age groups; 2) develop a core set of task-gesture combination possibilities and let users choose which gesture they want to use for each task.

Keyphrases: gesture design, gesture task combination, individual characteristic, mid air bare hand gesture, Mid-Air, Mid-air bare-hand gesture design, preference rating, rating scale

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