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Extramarital Relationships: Middle-class Female Meaning Formation in Tehran, Iran in 2019

EasyChair Preprint no. 2109

5 pagesDate: December 8, 2019


Extramarital relationship per se' is a formation of meaning being at odds with historical forces. This paper seeks to find how extramarital relationships are perceived by the middle-class women in Tehran.

In order to answer the research questions, 21 middle-class women experiencing at least one extramarital relationship were interviewed in-depth so as to reach theoretical saturation. The findings revealed that the extramarital relations among participants in the research can be categorized as "having a right to have pleasure from body", "pure sexual relationship", "revenge against the spouse", "a means to maintain marital life," "getting used to having a diverse relationship" And "changing the meaning of commitment and loyalty". Regarding the categories of findings, it can be concluded that the formation of sexuality in Iran is changing, and the phenomenon of extramarital relationships among the participants in this research is a new meaning formed in conflict with modern forces.

Keyphrases: Extramarital relationships, meaning-formation, sexuality

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