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Information Access for the Visually Impaired in the Digital Age

EasyChair Preprint no. 12286

11 pagesDate: February 25, 2024


The equalisation of opportunities for all persons with disabilities is a worldwide goal. For the visually impaired, access to information like the sighted has been a tall order. This paper delves into the issues surrounding access to information by the visually impaired in the digital age. It focuses on the positive impacts of the digital revolution on information provision to the visually impaired, highlighting advancements in assistive technology and other ICT tools, including internet use for the visually impaired. The paper also examines the information access problem, espousing the stark reality of limited availability of information resources in alternative formats to be accessed by the visually impaired. The need for providers to first and foremost understand the information behaviour of the visually impaired was stressed. The paper further puts forward some pertinent assistive technologies and ICT tools and how they can be of benefit to the visually impaired; with internet, it focuses on web content accessibility issues as well as the provision of online digital collection for the visually impaired. Some digital collection projects viz TESTLAB, Bookshare, Gutenberg project etc, as well as the barriers to use of digital technologies for the visually impaired were discussed. The paper concludes with a charge for concerted efforts towards leveraging on the digital age such that use of and access to information using technology by the visually impaired can be equalised with the sighted.

Keyphrases: Assistive Technology, digital age, information access, visually impaired

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