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Optimal Placement of D-STATCOM by Genetic Algorithm to Losses Reduction

EasyChair Preprint no. 8880

5 pagesDate: September 26, 2022


In this paper, an optimization algorithm by genetic algorithm is designed to placement and then simulated to determine the amount of reactive power by D-STATCOM. Also this method will be able to minimize the power system losses that contain power loss in transmission lines. Furthermore, in this design a IEEE 30-bus model depicted and three DSTATCOM are located in this system according to Economic Considerations. Also, a genetic algorithm to minimizing the total network losses is applied for every output simulation of D-STATCOM that is used to produce or absorb of reactive power. Finally, the result of this simulation presents both the losses reduction and voltage improvement, that it verifies this algorithm performance.

Keyphrases: D-STATCOM, Genetic Algorithm, losses reduction, optimal placement

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