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Technical Solutions for Improving the Safety of Housing and Communal Services

EasyChair Preprint no. 2936

6 pagesDate: March 11, 2020


The article reports that one of the priority areas for the implementation of the Strategic Plan for the Development of the Housing and Communal Services of Russia for the period up to 2020 is the implementation of the most effective technologies used in the construction of public infrastructure facilities and the modernization of housing stock. Certain aspects of this strategy were considered by the authors in relation to urban facilities located in the riverbank zone of the large, high-water Volga River. The current condition of the riverbank zone near the city of Samara has been analyzed. Factors adversely affecting the riverbank slope and those influencing the change in conditions of its use are singled out. The authors have registered an increasing level of safety problems for urban facilities due to the loss of the slope stability. As possible measures to improve the stability of the slope and ensure environmental safety, technical and technological solutions developed with the participation of the authors are recommended.

Keyphrases: coast slope, Construction Safety, housing economy, nature protection facilities

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