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Augmented Reality in Psychology: Its Advancement in Therapy for Simple Phobia

EasyChair Preprint no. 6067

4 pagesDate: July 13, 2021


Consider the stone ages when technology was in its infancy, the only objects created back then were tools made of stone. It’s astonishing how this tiny little spark has been nurtured throughout history to give us an entire array of technology that has advanced way beyond the ordinary handcrafted tools. The main focus of this paper, however, is on a fairly new discipline called augmented reality and its role in therapy. It starts by discussing what augmented reality is, followed by a briefing on simple phobia. The paper then intertwines the two concepts, describing experiments conducted using augmented reality for phobia treatment. Towards the end, it brushes over a few ethical considerations of in vivo approaches as well.

Keyphrases: Augmented Reality, exposure therapy, Psychology, Simple phobias, Technology

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