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Smart Module for Home Automation Using Android Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 4492

4 pagesDate: October 30, 2020


Automation of home appliances using IOT is very common and demanding in the present scenario. People enjoy this technology but also on the same hand face difficulties since all the electrical cables are being replaced by newer ones and also the entire switch boards have to be replaced, this increases complexity and cost. Therefore, we have designed a module which is portable and does not require entire cable alteration. Entire module consists of two parts one is the sensor section and the other controller section. The communication between these two modules is done by Wi-Fi module also leading it to be an application of IOT. The sensor section includes PIR sensor, Temperature sensor, LDR Sensor and the positioning of this module will be at the entrance of the room. This module then communicates with the controller module which then automatically turn on the appliances and also regulates the intensity of light according to the data given by LDR sensor. The electrical appliances (fan, light) are controlled by both remote using IR and an android application. The other module is the controller module consisting of a Microcontroller, relay, voltage regulator and a dimmer whose primary job is to facilitate the I/O as per the users request or the settings provided. This module will be connected directly to the switch board itself and will require very least alteration in the wiring system; making Home automation easy and accessible to all.

Keyphrases: Android, Android Application, Automation, Controller module, designed home automation system, Home appliance, Home Automation, Home Automation System, infrared ir sensor circuit, low cost, PIR sensor, sensor smart IoT, Smart Home, solid state relay

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