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A Low-Latency Content Acquirement Scheme in NDN

EasyChair Preprint no. 9084

5 pagesDate: October 24, 2022


As a new network architecture, the content-centric model of Named Data Networking (NDN) is gradually replacing the host-centric model of the current Internet. Meanwhile, with the rapid development of Metaverse, the low-latency content acquirement attracts much attention. Thus, we propose LCAS, a Low-latency Content Acquirement Scheme in NDN. In LCAS, an ant routing algorithm is proposed to take full advantage of caching in NDN to strengthen routing paths. Specially, a Data packet lays pheromone based on the caching information of upstream nodes along the routing path from the content provider to the content requester, which can effectively guide the subse-quent Interest packets. On the other side, a neighbor discovery algorithm is presented to help acquire content from the one-hop neighbors as far as possible. Extensive experiments on DFN and Deltacom have been conducted to show its performances, and the results demonstrate that LCAS has lower average hop counts and average end-to-end latency, compared with the other schemes.

Keyphrases: Ant Routing, content acquirement, low latency, Named Data Networking, neighbor discovering

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