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The Role and Impact of NGOs on Poverty Alleviation in North East Nigeria: A Study in Mubi-North

EasyChair Preprint no. 1840

8 pagesDate: November 5, 2019


Non-governmental  organizations  or  NGOs  generally  refer to those voluntary or non-profit organizations which work in the field of development co-operation or in education and policy advocacy activities (Brodhead, 1987). They  mainly provide services to the vulnerable people of the society  in order  to  stimulate  them  for income  generating  activities. Aside the human cost in the Boko Haram insurgency, the atrocities of the sect have socioeconomic implications, especially in the northeast where Boko Haram has dominance. The economic, social and psychological costs of the insurgency cannot be quantified. Commercial activities in the northeast have been reduced because of the unprecedented attacks by the sect. Banks, markets and shops do not open regularly due to the fear of the coordinated attacks from Boko Haram. The question is, to what extend does boko haram insurgency affect economic activity in mubi north and how does it contribute to creating poverty in the area?  and also, what roles does the NGOs played in alleviating poverty as a result of the insurgency? This study aims at finding out the answer to the above question. The results reveals that there is an increase in the percentage of those living below the poverty level as a result of the attack in mubi. Also, the results reveals that, Human capacity training and development was that impactful measure taking by the NGOs in alleviating poverty, followed by Food and relief materials, educational assistance and provision of farming tools, equipment, and materials. Assistance offerof in the area of Fish farming and also giving cash to the affected people was categorised as less impactful while the goat and sheep farming program offered by some NGOs was classified as not impactful.

Keyphrases: Mubi-North, NGOs, Poverty Alleviation

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