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Survey on IoT Based Farm Freshness Mobile Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 7190

6 pagesDate: December 8, 2021


Food safety and hygiene are major concerns when it comes to preventing food waste. In India's major markets the fruits and vegetables are getting wasted due to temperature and humidity fluctuations. The quality of the food (fruits and vegetables) should be examined, and they should be guarded from rotting and decaying due to atmospheric aspects like temperatures, moisture, and shade, which help farmers conserve the food (fruits and vegetables) while in transit. An Android application based on the Internet of Things will be built in this article to monitor environmental elements such as heat, moisture, alcohol percentage, and light exposed.

The Arduino UNO, a well-known popular tooling board, is at the heart of this device.  Different sensors are interfaced to the Microcontroller board such as the DHT11, MQ3, LDR, 16x2 LCD, ESP8266 Wi-Fi, and Image sensor, which are all connected to an Android app where the user is notified with real-time data that defines the food quality. ML will be used to analyze the image captured by the app and predict the condition of the food. The app includes a chatbot that provides information on food quality. The app will suggest nearby organic stores based on the user's location.

Keyphrases: 16x2 LCD, Android Application, Arduino Uno, DHT-11, ESP8266 Wi-Fi, image sensor, LDR, machine learning, MQ3 Gas Sensor

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