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Analysis of Barrel Electroplating Line with Process Mining and Petri-Net Model

EasyChair Preprint no. 11964

8 pagesDate: February 6, 2024


Nowadays, many companies carry out efficiency studies to increase their profitability. The most important step in efficiency studies is to analyze the processes objectively and identify points that can be improved. Process mining shows the actual operation within the process. It also detects improvement points such as bottlenecks, waiting times and deviations in the process. In this article, it is aimed to analyze the production process of the barrel electrolytic coating line with the process mining method. To perform the analysis, firstly data regarding the production process from the ERP system. Obtained in csv format. Within the scope of process mining, data from the event log was used to analyze and visualize the processes affecting the coating line and identify areas where improvements could be made. Process mining techniques were applied to the event log of the production determined after the electrolytic coating process. ProM 6.12 open-source tool, widely used for process mining, was used to perform our analysis. After examining the processes of the product produced in the electrolytic coating line within the line, the data from the event logs were processed and analyzed with process discovery algorithms. When the literature is reviewed, no research has been conducted to date on using the process mining perspective to detect abnormal flows in electrolytic coating production.

Keyphrases: Barrel Electroplating, inductive mining, Petri nets, Process Mining

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