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Enhancing Cognitive Load in Smartphone Micro-Interactions Through Human-Centered Design

EasyChair Preprint no. 10786

5 pagesDate: August 28, 2023


The ubiquity of smartphone usage in our daily lives necessitates the exploration of effective design strategies for enhancing user experience and reducing cognitive load. Micro-interactions, which are detailed, and functional interactions designed to accomplish specific tasks, play a crucial role in the overall usability of smartphones. However, micro-interactions can also become barriers when there is a delay between user interaction and system response. This paper aims to develop a smartphone micro-interaction design that facilitates human cognition without adding excessive cognitive load. To achieve a comprehensive impact, the focus of development will be on the fundamental features of smartphones. The design development process will be guided by human-centered design methodology, involving modifications to object structures and enhancements to sensory stimuli within the micro-interaction between users and smartphones. Through design development and cognitive load analysis based on cognitive theories, the study intends to provide cognitive assessment evidence demonstrating the influence of micro-interactions on human cognitive processes and quantify the changes in cognitive load resulting from increased utilization of micro-interactions. The outcome of this research is a comparison of the speed between smartphone usage with the current micro-interaction design and the improved micro-interaction design. Findings indicate that the utilization of enhanced micro-interaction designs facilitates faster learning interaction design.

Keyphrases: cognitive load, human-centered design, Micro-interaction, Smartphone

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