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Christian Education in the Family as the First Fortress in the Disruptive Era

EasyChair Preprint no. 2282

7 pagesDate: December 31, 2019


This study aims to describe Christian education in the family through Christian education strategies in the family such as understanding the nature of the Christian family, Parental responsibilities and the role of family is the place to teach Christian value. The family is the first and foremost educational environment for children in Christianity. Related to develop of children, both physical and psychological starting from the family. This is inseparable from the role as an educator. If the family fails in education of their children, it will be very difficult for others institution outside the family to fix it. The problem that arises now is the responsibility that must be done to prepare children who care about their environment. The early study of religious values is expected to be the first stronghold for children of change. This study is expected to be an input for the world of Christian education specifically to prepare children in the era disruptive era.

Keyphrases: Christian Education, Education, family

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