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Insect Pests Management in the Agriculture Plants and Crops

EasyChair Preprint no. 6375

49 pagesDate: August 26, 2021


This chapter mainly attention to the management of the insect pests of different grain crops, vegetables, flower crops, oil crops, and others. The insect pests were very harmful to produce the quality crops/fruits and this paper study on the common name and scientific name of the common insects and pests in different plants. This paper investigated the use of biochemical, chemical, and biological insecticides in the field and also with the cultural practices in the seedbeds, fields, and storage condition. The farmers used balance fertilizer and also used chemical insecticides to minimize crop damage. It has been estimated that of the average at 36.5% of total losses where 15.1% damaged by insects, and pests. This chapter has efforted the prescription to the insect pests management in farmer fields. Hence, I think if this book is available for all agriculturists and farmers then they will benefit.

Keyphrases: Flower crops, grain crops, Insects pests, oil crops, plants, Vegetables

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