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A Comparative Study Based on Developmental Dyslexia-Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 5471

6 pagesDate: May 7, 2021


Learning disabilities are existing among preschoolers disrupting their growth in school education . Scientific understanding of dyslexia is mandatory towards uplifting their future . This progress emphasizes on the cause of this  dyslexia based on neuropsychological approach  and importance of an inter disciplinary perspective of understanding dyslexia. Dyslexia not being a disease it is a mild disorder which is related to   their family background, brain injury, factors during pregnancy . Kids with dyslexia begin to experience tortures which is inexplainable from the beginning of their schooling, because of the complexity of their difficulties. They are unable to perform typical or academic tasks accurately, so they face setbacks demotivating them mentally .Lack of awareness on dyslexia among parents is a major disadvantage in the life of children towards their success. Families must be alarmed of their children's actual condition   as soon as possible so that control action can be taken without regretting later. The aim of the research is collecting all the information necessary for early identification of children at risk of literacy problem, ensuring that appropriate assistance is provided by parents and schools.

Keyphrases: Dyslexia, Learning disorder, Literacy problem, Parents Awareness

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