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Novel Pulse Power Estimation Technique for Li – Ion Battery using DCIR and SOC Relationship

EasyChair Preprint no. 2867

3 pagesDate: March 5, 2020


The predictable test to get the direct current internal resistance (DCIR) has only tested with a duration time of 5 seconds in the discharge region [3] ~ [5]. To obtain the DCIR, the duration time, and the region condition is important for the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). In this paper, a new experiment is to be taken to obtain a direct current internal resistance (DCIR). This methodology is performed during 10 seconds in the charge and discharge regions in order to obtain the new relationship between the DCIR and the state of charge (SOC). Thus, this attained data can be used towards estimating the battery pulse power using the previous SOC algorithm. The objective of a longer duration time of 10 seconds is to demonstrate the power at various stages for the Minimum and Maximum Power Assist goals.

Keyphrases: direct current internal resistance, discharge regions, Power Assist goals, Pulse Power, State of Charge

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