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Consumer Preference Between the Traditional and Digital Marketing: Reasons as a Conceptual Framework

EasyChair Preprint no. 7424

9 pagesDate: February 5, 2022


In Marketing have two divisions of concepts which is traditional and modern marketing concepts. At current market environment, traditional marketing remodeled as digital marketing. Digital platforms help to use for planning and exploring marketing mix and satisfy the consumer’s needs. The unorganized retailers connect their business to worldwide through the digital marketing. It creates new trend in Market. It also influences consumer preference towards product and services. Simply, people adopt the new technologies and they like to try new market trends like online shopping, e-transactions and etc., The study dealing with when purchase of product, the preference of the consumers whether traditional marketing or digital marketing. For this reason, the study conducted a literature review to shows that the main reason mentioned in the studies to choosing particular marketing methods for shopping by consumers. This paper aimed to shows which factors are directly affect the consumer preference in the form of conceptual framework. We conclude with which mode of marketing concept is highly preferred by the consumers.

Keyphrases: Consumer preference, Digital Marketing, online shopping, traditional marketing

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