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Mode Shift Analysis for Industrial Workers- A Case Study of Two Industrial Zones (GIDC Makkarpura and Por- Vadodara)

EasyChair Preprint no. 2223

6 pagesDate: December 21, 2019


One of the major traffic problems these days is the increased traffic volume, which has resulted into increased traffic congestion. As known, the work trips are the daily trips, having a higher frequency than other trips. GIDC Makkarpura and GIDC Por are two major industrial zones located in the Vadodara city, where a large amount of working trips of the city are concentrated. Analysing the possible mode choice and mode shift in the selected zones can lead to a considerable shift of the private vehicle users to the public mode of transportation, to reduce the congestion. Taking into consideration the major factors responsible for the mode choice, a questionnaire has been designed into 2 parts for RP & SP survey. Based on the observations, 8 different binary logit models have been worked out for varying conditions of travel time, travel cost, comfort and safety of the modes. The utility of the models shall be worked out using the Biogeme software, to choose the best possible modifications to be brought in the public mode attributes to encourage more use for the same. 16 different choice sets for comparison between the private and the public modes have been framed for the purpose of SP survey. The demand of the industrial workers for their work trips will also be considered; and the necessary improvements in the existing travel services will be suggested to encourage the use of public mode of travel in the city.

Keyphrases: Binary logit model, Choice Sets, Mode Attributes, mode choice, RP (Revealed Preference), SP (Stated Preference), utility maximization, Work Trips

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