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The Impact of AI on Healthcare Provider-Patient Relationships: a Systematic Review of Ethical Concerns and Strategies

EasyChair Preprint no. 13571

22 pagesDate: June 6, 2024


The increasing integration of complex computer systems and advanced analytics into healthcare workflows holds both promises and pitfalls for patient care. While these technologies offer enhanced efficiency and insights, their impacts on fundamental human relationships and moral values warrant careful evaluation.

This research reviewed empirical studies investigating how applied artificial intelligence (AI) is influencing essential bonds of trust and communication in clinical practice. Review and synthesis of findings revealed mixed impacts on provider-patient relationships along with refined insights. Although AI offered benefits like prompting more holistic dialogues, overreliance risked eroding core human elements of care including empathy. Approaches thoughtfully balancing automation with human judgment and discretion showed promise in augmenting capabilities while preserving trust.

However, persistent challenges were illuminated including the opacity of AI logic limiting transparency and potential ethical issues being obscured within “black box” systems. Risks of biased analytics and diffuse responsibility hindering accountability were noted. Ongoing oversight and specialized ethics training were advised to uphold moral values amidst complex technological shifts.

Recommendations centered on human-centric design considering social impacts, inclusive implementation engaging diverse users, and education promoting responsible application while avoiding blind dependence. Calls emerged for further research across contexts on navigating emerging tensions at the intersection of automation, compassion, and justice.

In conclusion, keeping human relationships and moral wisdom central can help guide the compassionate and ethical integration of innovation in the service of healing. Our tools should enhance but not supplant the ends and essence of healthcare as a fundamentally human endeavor.

Keyphrases: communication, ethics, Health, Technology

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