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Gamification Tools and the Learning of the Subject of Mathematics in Students of the I Cycle of Systems Engineering

EasyChair Preprint no. 7276

13 pagesDate: December 28, 2021


The proposed research seeks to develop the relationship between gamification tools and learning the subject of mathematics in systems engineering students. It is developed through the quantitative approach, from a correlational approach, the method developed is pure experimental type, in which a control group and another experimental group are used to whom an instrument is applied before the manipulation of variables, after applying the treatment to one of the groups a post test is applied. There was a population of 180 students and a non-probabilistic sample of 28 students distributed in an experimental group. The survey technique was used to measure the variables and the questionnaire was used as an instrument, which was validated by means of expert judgment and reliability by means of the Kuder-Richardson 20 statistic (0.721 and 0.769 high reliability). The descriptive statistics yielded favorable results in the mean (Pretest=7.17 and Posttest= 16.14). The inferential statistics allowed us to prove favorably that gamification tools influence learning in the area of mathematics in first cycle systems engineering students (Tobt =20.4 >Tcri= 2.017).

Keyphrases: Gamification, learning, mathematics, tools

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