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The Effect of Electronic Trade on Reducing Costs of the Product Life–Cycle

EasyChair Preprint no. 1598

11 pagesDate: October 7, 2019


The paper covers the intricate issue of electronic trade, namely e-business impact on product life cycle cost reducing practices. A connection portrays its optimal fundamental position by first organizing its customers' top needs and after that articulating how it hopes to respond to these necessities. Nevertheless, Electronic business changes the connections among dealers and purchasers through and through.An e-business can without a great deal of a stretch offer intrigue and other information which finally covers the Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) that overlaysthe path toward controlling thing plan and affiliation information along its life cycle.Thus at a functional dimension, its use in data systems requires techniques and instruments to control the mass of electronic data. This for sure is one of the greatest difficulties of e-business.

Keyphrases: cost, e-business, online exchange, PLM, Product Life Cycle

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