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Access Service Unbound: A Customer-Focused Service Model for the 21st Century

EasyChair Preprint no. 955

2 pagesDate: May 3, 2019


Following a supply chain model, appropriated from the business world, a public four-year institution dismantled its Access Services Department by limiting physical item processing tasks, delinquent account management, and the Circulation Desk, redoubling its efforts to focus on customer service by offering a “roving” model of customer service. This newly reformed Public Services Department offers self-checkout options in addition to these aforementioned changes. Users depend on access to course materials, technological equipment, and ILL/Reserves items. This paper describes how this library leveraged project management to smooth the transition of changes in responsibilities and offer excellent access despite the new format.

Keyphrases: access services, organizational change, supply chain, user experience

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