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Study of Tourism and Online Booking System of Hotels and Guides

EasyChair Preprint no. 4866

8 pagesDate: January 5, 2021


The online tourism industry is growing at a fast pace in India. The traditional forms oft tourismare being replaced by new form e-tourism. The internet has offered with easy and cost effective solution to people who go for online travel bookings. E-service tourism companies need to understand the customer requirement and meet their expectations by evaluating and improving their website quality. The paper explores the factors of E-service quality in Indian context. The study found that mere online presence was not important but providing excellent e-services on websites was essential to retain customers.The Indian tourism industry, which is at the stage of an upward growth, can be greatly influenced by e-tourism. Tourism is stated to be the third largest net foreign exchange earner for our country and also one of the sectors which employees number of man power.  The explosion of online booking systems has completely changed the direct channel and contractual relationship between hotels, guides and customers. From now on users have the choice of several distribution channels to book a hotel room and guides. The objective is to study those different online booking systems and identify the best alternative from a  

customer’s point of view. Once benefits and dis-benefits of online booking systems will be compared and analysed, the study will conclude on the importance for customers to use a direct channel and make their bookings.

Keyphrases: e-services, Hotels and Guides booking system, Online tourism industry

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