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The Role of Social Commerce Attributes and Trust on Purchase Intention in Social Commerce Platforms

EasyChair Preprint no. 9326

13 pagesDate: November 16, 2022


Now, social media (SM) has become a popular trend that has attracted a large number of people. Every company is taking advantage as a best opportunity to showcase their own products and brands. The custom of social media presence highly impact on customer buying behavior. Because social media allows users to adopt a variety of lifestyles, customers have a lot of options. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp have all had a significant effect on customer purchase behavior. The aim of the study was to examine which factors influence on customer preference in social media marketing. In this study the data were collected according to convenience sampling from the customer who are bought a product through social media platforms in an around Chennai. Data were analyzed to verify the developed hypotheses using regression and Percentage analysis in SPSS. In addition, it examines customer preference impact on customer buying decision on social media marketing underlying mechanism that affect the product preference and purchase intention. This research will contribute to behavioral research in emerging economies.

Keyphrases: Customer, social commerce intention, Social Media Marketing

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