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Architecture Student’s Adaptation to Study Environmental Challenges: Covid-19 and New Norms

EasyChair Preprint no. 6159

7 pagesDate: July 27, 2021


This study defines the atmosphere of architecture students studying at home using ergonomic space in the house as a learning space during the covid-19 pandemic situation. Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) in March 2020, all public universities in Malaysia have made it mandatory for their students to study from home (SFH). This means that different students have different study environments depending on their family economic background. Focussing on architecture students who involve a lot in designing works, they need a studio like setting i space to place drafting materials and tools, computer or laptop, and study and design furniture. This conducive studio setting is a key component in completing good architectural works within the given time frame. In response to SFH, this research aims to explore students’ perceptions and experiences on their home ergonomic environments and what are their expectations for a better home study environment.   The research applied quantitative method where sample respondents are among new Architecture degree students of UiTM Perak Branch. Questionnaires were emailed to all 400 potential respondents in the first semester, and 112 respondents have completed the form within a given period of time.  In general, results have found that respondents have mixed feelings with regards to their perception on challenges SFH.

Keyphrases: architecture students, Ergonomics, Spaces and Furniture, Study From Home

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