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Configuration and Analysis of a High Impedance Fault Simulation Model

EasyChair Preprint no. 9069

8 pagesDate: October 24, 2022


When the contact between an energized conductor and a high impedance surface occurs, a High Impedance Fault (HIF) is generated. It can cause interruption of electrical power supply, bushfires, and dangers to living beings. Even being a well-known and studied problem, there is still a need to develop more effective HIF protection schemes. To test these new techniques, HIFs' current signals are necessary. However, obtaining real measurements during the fault occurrence can be challenging. To solve this issue, tests are usually performed using computational models to represent the real HIF features as detailed as possible. However, setting the HIF models parameters can be a hard task. To solve this issue, this paper presents a methodology to extract the parameters of real HIF signals to use a complete and recently-developed HIF model and validate its use in a Distribution System (DS). Tests are carried out analyzing the harmonic and interharmonic content of the signals measured in the DS. The main goal is to help researchers use the HIF model in new scenarios, improving the quality of the tests of new and existing HIF protection schemes.

Keyphrases: Distribution systems, fault model, High Impedance Fault

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