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Solar Food And Seed Dryer

EasyChair Preprint no. 3428

3 pagesDate: May 18, 2020


The solar drier was designed to overcome the limitations of traditional sun drying methods such as direct sunlight exposure, liability for pasting, intrusion of birds and insects and lack of proper monitoring..The solar dryer uses solar energy to heat up the air and dry the material packed into it. The system consists of an air heater or solar heater and a solar drying chamber with tray rack. Heated air in solar collector forced by blower i.e. internal use of solar panel energy to flow in chambers where it is used for drying means removing the moisture content from the loaded collector substances and connecting chamber. Tilt angle is main parameter for the calculation of efficiency of the dryer. So, firstly we have calculated angel of tilt for the absorber plate. The tilt angle should be less than lattitude facing north side. So we got the latitude 19.01°N in Mumbai accordingly we got the tilt angle 15°C. By taking this tilt angles a reference we got the length of total length of the solar dryer system which is 116.41cm and  Collector area about (80.4*40)cm^2.

Keyphrases: Absorber plate, latitude, Solar collector, Solar panel, tilt angle

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