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Comparative Study of Enriched Biogas Bottling Cylinder in the Presence of Distinct Filler at Low Pressure

EasyChair Preprint no. 7685

16 pagesDate: April 2, 2022


Biogas production is a very retro technology that requires some technological advancement in order to compete with the recent fuel demand. Only biogas is not sufficient it has to be enriched before applying it to recent applications, i.e., mobile and stationary. In stationary applications mainly household or domestic fuel requirement is focussed. Low-pressure high-volume storage of enriched biogas is such an advancement in the biogas sector. Enriched biogas can be compressed under high pressure (200 bar) in order to increase the storage capacity or increase the energy density. To make it fit for domestic usage the enriched biogas must be bottled at low pressure (20 bar). Our work shows a possibility in the same direction, i.e, storing the enriched biogas at low pressures. The appropriate experiments were performed on the storage cylinder in two ways, one is simple compression and in another method, the cylinder was filled with adsorbing material (activated carbons produced from biomass). Three different materials, i.e., activated biochar derived from coconut shell procured from NORIT, pigeon pea stalk, and bamboo biochar developed within the lab at 500 0C temperature in an inert environment, were used as filler for the bottling cylinder. The desired characterization of raw material and biochar was also performed. Permissible results are found during this study showing that activated biochar is best suited as filler for bottling cylinders to store the enriched biogas.

Keyphrases: Adsorbed biogas cylinder, Biochar, Enriched biogas, Pyrolysis, Thermogravimetric analysis and

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