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Social Media Marketing Influence on Consumer Buying Behavior

EasyChair Preprint no. 7413

8 pagesDate: February 2, 2022


In India, people are willing to buy the product and services through online, because it is comfortable, time saving and it gives information about the product and services. At present, social media becomes a most- liked trend which has gained attraction from people. Every business using it as an opportunity to explore their product and services. The usage of social media as a marketing tool directly impacts the buying behavior of consumer. Because, social media provides plenty of opportunities to consumers in adapting different life style. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp have plays important roles in changes of buying behavior of consumer. The paper sets out explain how social media marketing directly or indirectly influence the consumer buying behaviors and aimed to shows that which factors are impact the consumer buying behavior through social media marketing. This research aims to enrich the literature related to the topic of social media marketing and consumers buying behavior. Finally, the study recommended a better idea to business about the social media to be utilized effectively and get benefit from them to upgrade the purchasing process and products to satisfy consumers' needs.

Keyphrases: buying behavior of consumers, Facebook, Social Media Marketing

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