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A Privacy-Preserving Authentication Scheme Based on an Improved Blockchain for VANET

EasyChair Preprint no. 10598

7 pagesDate: July 19, 2023


In Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs), the protection of the vehicle's identity privacy as well as identity authentication is crucial. However, existing authentication schemes to protect privacy are compromised by the opacity of trusted third-party activities to individual tuples in VANETs, the insecurity of key pairs for each tuple, the high workload of revoking certificates, and the high computational overhead of identity and message authentication. In this paper, an improved blockchain-based privacy protection and authentication method for VANETs is proposed. In the scheme proposed in this paper, the private key of the tuple is generated by a trusted third party in half with itself, thus making the key secure. To address the issues of large proof sizes and high bandwidth costs when verifying element existence in Merkle Trees and Merkle Patricia Trees, a proposed improvement is the Verkle Tree-based blockchain solution. A distributed identity verification method is adopted to effectively identify vehicle identity information for identity verification. To tackle security and privacy protection problems in blockchain-based VANETs, a conditional privacy-protecting distributed identity authentication scheme without revocation lists is proposed based on cryptographic security mechanisms. This paper implements the improved blockchain-based VANETs privacy protection authentication scheme on the Ethereum consortium chain platform. Simulation experiments are conducted to analyze the proposed scheme and compare it with existing solutions. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed approach is feasible and effective.

Keyphrases: Conditions Privacy Protection, Distributed Authentication, Improved Blockchain, VANET, Verkle Tree

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