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A Hybrid Approach based on Reuse Techniques for Autonomic Adaptation of Business Processes

EasyChair Preprint no. 4381

16 pagesDate: October 12, 2020


Complexity of highly dynamic environments in which processes op- erate makes their adaptation difficult to perform. However, adaptation of an in- progress process is an essential requirement for any Business Process Manage- ment System (BPMS). So, several contributions have recommended the use of the MAPE-K (Monitor, Analyze, Plan, Execute - Knowledge) control loop from the autonomic computing as a solution to tackle this issue, thus bringing BPMS with self-adaptation capabilities. However, in these contributions, a comprehen- sive overview of the generic process self-adaptation has been missing. Moreo- ver, faced with the high cost and the difficulty of self-adapting processes, the idea of capitalizing on previous adaptation solutions by implementing reuse techniques is appealing. In this paper, we recommend a hybrid approach to adapt running processes using versions, previous adaptation cases and rules as reuse techniques. Our solution is implemented as an adaptation engine that in- stantiates the MAPE-K control loop and that can be connected to any BPMN- based BPMS using appropriate adapters. Our adaptation engine is therefore re- usable. Finally, we demonstrate the advantages and feasibility of the recom- mended approach with an example from the crisis domain.

Keyphrases: Adaptation Case, context, MAPE-K, rule, self-adaptation, version

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