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An Enhanced Multimodal eBanking Security Model

EasyChair Preprint no. 4066

8 pagesDate: August 23, 2020


This study is designed to provide an enhanced multimodal eBanking security using Bank Verification Number (BVN) Personal Identification Number (PIN) and biometrics as mandatory authentication requirements to forestall the vulnerabilities in existing eBanking security systems. The design divides the authentication requirements into two datasets, stored separately and accessed independently by two servers. The system collects a user’s biometric and the non-biometric data in a separate database objects. Each user record in one database has a link to call the record in the other database. Divide-and-Conquer algorithm is employed with QuickSort method to sort desired records independently. During transaction, the two servers sort and retrieve the user’s record for matching and authentication before granting access. The test results show that the model would provide an enhanced security in eBanking transactions over existing systems. The implementation of the system would significantly curb frauds associated with eBanking and related services.

Keyphrases: Authentication, Biometric, ebanking, fraud, multimodal, Security

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