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Driving Factors Towards Live-Stream Shopping in Malaysia

EasyChair Preprint no. 5726

9 pagesDate: June 6, 2021


Live-stream shopping is growing exponentially in Malaysia but limited research has been conducted to investigate the driving factors that lead consumers to shop via live-stream. Thus, this research is aimed to establish the factors that affect the purchase intention of Malaysia online shoppers on live-stream shopping to fill this research gap. An integrated research model of Uses and Gratification Theory and Source Credibility Theory was used to investigate the purchase intention in a live-stream context. The integration of these three theories would provide a more comprehensive result as compared to merely adopt only one theory. A self-administered questionnaire was distributed in several states in Malaysia which yielded 252 sets usable responses. The data collected was then analyzed to provide empirical support for the hypotheses developed. This research then provides vast practical and theoretical contributions from the results obtained. In particular, this study provides better comprehension to retailers in understanding the motivating factors that lead consumers to complete the checkout process and thus assist in designing their business strategy accordingly.

Keyphrases: Live-Stream Shopping, online commerce, Source Credibility Theory, Uses and Gratifications Theory

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