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A Review on Self-Healing Concrete Using Crystalline Admixture

EasyChair Preprint no. 2241

7 pagesDate: December 25, 2019


Cracks in concrete structures are inevitable as they deteriorate throughout their lifetime due to different factors. Self-healing of concrete is thus a new approach, which repairs cracks and increases concrete's durability. One of the self-healing method such as autonomous healing in which chemical agent such as crystalline admixture, which enhances concrete healing capacity. Crystalline admixtures (CA) are hydrophilic in nature that reacts easily with water. These are the products, which are formed by chemical active substances of cement and sand. The crystalline admixture is a permeability reducing admixtures under hydrostatic conditions (PRAHs) as stated by the ACI Committee 212. The chemical reaction between crystalline admixture along with cement and water forms crack blocking deposits. This study presents the self-healing effects of the crystalline admixture on various characteristics of concrete with different percentages of crystalline admixtures.

Keyphrases: Concrete, crystalline admixture, micro-cracks, recovery, self-healing, Water permeability test

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