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Estimating Residual Error Probability of Data Communication in Safety Critical Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 6453

5 pagesDate: August 28, 2021


Today’s high-end cars have complex system architecture involving 50 to 100 electronic control units working together in order to achieve a common safety goal and comply with safety standards like ISO 26262. A complex SoC for such applications has multiple IP's that often implement black channel communication mechanism posing a challenge where a failure in communication can potentially compromise the safety goal. Hence risk reduction in communication channels is a vital component in the overall design for safety. However, any risk reduction approach always leaves behind a residual risk. In this regard, the permitted residual error rate for a communication channel is specified in IEC 61784-3. This paper provides a methodology of calculating the residual error rate as a function of failure rate of the communicating medium, the diagnostic coverage claimed by implementing the safety mechanism and the effectiveness of the CRC polynomial used with a case study.

Keyphrases: bit error, Bit Error Rate, black channel communication, Diagnostic Coverage, failure rates, functional safety, probability of failure, Residual error, risk reduction techniques

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