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Exploring the Relationship Between Teacher Rejection and Academic Performance

EasyChair Preprint no. 13608

17 pagesDate: June 9, 2024


This paper aims to explore the relationship between teacher rejection and academic performance. Teacher rejection refers to the experience of students feeling unwanted, excluded, or unaccepted by their teachers. Academic performance, on the other hand, encompasses students' achievements in their educational pursuits. Understanding the impact of teacher rejection on academic performance is crucial for promoting positive learning environments and enhancing student outcomes.


The paper begins by providing background information on teacher rejection and academic performance, highlighting the significance of studying their relationship. It then delves into the concept of teacher rejection, including the factors contributing to it and its potential consequences on students' psychological well-being and academic engagement.


The next section focuses on academic performance, discussing the various factors that influence it, such as personal characteristics, environmental factors, and teacher-related factors. The importance of academic performance in shaping educational outcomes and future opportunities is also emphasized.


A comprehensive review of existing research on the relationship between teacher rejection and academic performance is presented, encompassing studies that support a negative, positive, or no significant relationship. The limitations and gaps in the current research are also discussed, underscoring the need for further investigation.

Keyphrases: academic achievement, career development, long-term consequences, Perceived teacher rejection, psychological health, social skills relationships, socio-emotional well-being

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