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AI Based Motor/Water Pump Switching System

EasyChair Preprint no. 9290

5 pagesDate: November 9, 2022


Automation has eased the life of many people. The installation of electric motor for water pump/borewell on the agricultural land for irrigation purpose has fulfilled the basic need of water supply, resulting in an increase in the production of crops. To switch the motor on/off, take too much time to travel, especially when the field and pump/motor switch are far away. Along with that frequent power cut-off is one the major issue in the ruler areas. The borewell motor runs on a three phase power supply. However, failure in any phase line causes to damage the electric motor. Most of the farmers are unaware about that and the power supply fluctuation. To solve the above mentioned issues, an artificial intelligence (AI) based water-pump switching system hardware device/prototype/product/kit is design and demonstrated in the present manuscript. The farmer got a message from the proposed device regarding power cut, coming of power supply, and any phase failure on their non-android mobile phones wherever and whenever happened. The production cost of the proposed device is around one thousand Indian rupees only which is very less as compared to the present smart switches available in the market because it requires smart/android phone for controlling them. Also, the traditional switches will not have to use the auto switching characteristic, which just only provide fault detection as they are using it currently. Along with that in the proposed device we use Arduino and GSM module, so it makes to install camera in the kit very easily. This helps farmers to detect theft at the field. Hence, it provides security too. The proposed device makes farmer stress free so that they focus more on their crops rather wasting their time, ultimately increases the production of crops. The paper presented the component description, working principle, block/circuit diagram of the proposed prototype/device, and show the real images of the prototype.

Keyphrases: Arduino Uno, Artificial Intelligent, Automation, Irrigation system, Smart switching system

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