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An Integrated Linear Programming Approach in Optimization of Crops

EasyChair Preprint no. 3444

10 pagesDate: May 19, 2020


Crop planning is a Multi-objective optimization problem, also called as NP-Hard Problem. Agriculture has to face various challenges such as irrigation water management, land allocation, climate changes, human and other resources used for agriculture, which can be controlled by effective crop planning. Crop planning optimization gives an idea to utilize the minimum resources to get the maximum profit through optimizing the objectives. Agriculture plays an important role in the ecosystem management; using bio-fertilizer and green manure can improve soil fertility without any chemical effects. The main aim of the crop planning is to improve the profit and productivity with the low input cost and resources. The crop planning problem has many factors, in that some can be optimized and some cannot be optimized. There are many methods available to solve crop planning problem, like algorithms, optimization tools, decision making tools, software etc. but still it needs more improvement to get the best optimal solutions. This paper presents a general idea of Crop Planning and various algorithms which are used to solve this problem and also address the problems that need effective solutions.

Keyphrases: Boolean, linear programming, MiniSAT, Optimization

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