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Smart Farming Using Machine Learning and IOT

EasyChair Preprint no. 7873

4 pagesDate: May 1, 2022


Agriculture could be a significant source of income. it's necessary for the survival of the environment. People depend on agricultural products in almost every aspect of their lives. Farmers must accommodates temperature change while simultaneously supplying the growing demand for higher-quality food. to spice up agricultural production and growth, farmers must be intimate atmospheric condition, which can help them choose the most effective crop to cultivate under those conditions. IoT-based Smart Farming will help to improve the whole Agriculture system by monitoring the sphere in real time. It keeps variety of variables in restraint, like humidity, temperature, and soil, and delivers a crystal-clear real- time image. Machine Learning is employed within the agriculture business to enhance crop yield and quality. Crop recommendation are often aided by applying appropriate algorithms to sensing data.

Keyphrases: Agriculture, Farmers, IoT, learning, machine

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