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Design and Analysis of a Remotely Operated Mini Forklift Bot

EasyChair Preprint no. 9038

9 pagesDate: October 11, 2022


This work is concerned with the design, analysis and programming of a scaled down version of an electric forklift robot. Each part of the robot was either carefully selected, or designed from scratch while aiming to maximize the load bearing capacity to design-weight, ratio. Structural analysis was conducted for each load bearing part using the Ansys Workbench simulation package. Motors controlled by standard electronic circuits were installed to remotely control the bot, while cameras and sensors were used to monitor its surroundings and movements. The next step was to program the logic circuit and link the various components wired to it. The key advantage of implementing this idea is the development of space saving storage units that allow efficient packing of lighter goods into areas that are not built for human movement but are spacious enough for robots. This is especially important in cases where each cubic meter of the storage unit is essential and costly, for example refrigerated goods storage. While this is an extreme case of automation, the Forklift Bot can also be utilized as an assistant/aid to existing personnel in order to build a hybrid loading and unloading workforce. This synergy between man and machine is the most optimum form of efficient labor. An Arduino is an integrated open-source electronics platform that allows for precision control of the various electronic components in accordance with the operator inputs. The hardware used for passing instructions to the Arduino is a common smart phone on which a self-developed android app is installed. Signals are wirelessly transmitted from the phone to the Bluetooth module on board the logic unit. Writing a program involves careful calibration of the power and position of the driving components to the electric signals they receive.

Keyphrases: Automation, Cantilever Arduino, Forklift Bot, synergy

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