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Fuzzy Temporal Non-Monotonic Reasoning

EasyChair Preprint no. 11948

5 pagesDate: February 4, 2024


Non-monotonic reasoning is reasoning is kind of knowledge in which many conclusion will be drawn. Temporal non-monotonic reasoning in which inference will be changed when time goes on. For instance, the bird can’t fly at certain age. The non-monotonic problem is undividable. An undecided problem has no solution. Fuzzy logic will made undecided problem into decidable problem. Some time, fuzzy non-monotonic reasoning deal with fuzzy temporal constraint like past, present feature etc. A young bird can fly at the age t0 but young bird may not fly at the age t1. In this paper, Fuzzy temporal non-monotonic reasoning is studied with unknown and known twofold fuzzy set to made undecided problem in to decidable. Fuzzy temporal truth maintenance system (FTTMS) is studied for computation of fuzzy non-monotonic reasoning. Some examples are given.

Keyphrases: FTTMS, fuzzy non-monotonic reasoning, fuzzy sets, incomplete knowledge, non-monotonic reasoning, twofold fuzzy sets

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