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Krishi Setu - Bridging the Value Gap

EasyChair Preprint no. 5515

6 pagesDate: May 13, 2021


Krishi Setu is an attempt to eliminate middlemen so that farmers get maximum profit from the trade chain. Our portal is a simple website where a farmer can upload the quantity of harvested crops and wholesalers can purchase as per requirements and availability. Some peculiar features of the website include news related to farming,  current prices of crops, multilingual support that will be visible on the dashboard. Website  also consists of features which will determine crop disease by uploading a picture of the crop. The consumer will get recommendations on their purchases as per season and locality. The buyer can visit the place or have courier services integrated. We would choose the most optimized path if the good is supposed to be delivered to another location and there are drop points that come in between. This also reduces delivery cost-efficiently.

Keyphrases: Agriculture, Buying and selling., crop disease prediction, Eliminating middlemen, Small Scale Farmers

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