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Forecasting of an output of eco toxicants at thermal decomposition of chemical fuel

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10 pagesDate: November 8, 2019


Combustion of the high-energy chemical fuels containing in the element structure can lead to education on particles of smoke of super eco toxicants - the polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans. The method of the solution of the equations of chemical kinetics is basic in a numerical experiment. The computational and theoretical researches directed to the solution of a problem of determination of parameters of combustion products of chemical fuels taking into account formation of harbingers of the polychlorinated dioxins were executed. The main data on the accepted method of determination of disequilibrium structure of products of burning of chlorine-containing chemical fuels were represented. Based on the analysis of references about mechanisms and speeds of chemical reactions of transformations of chlorine-containing connections the kinetic model of education of predecessors of dioxins is constructed. The carried-out calculations showed in an assumption of chemical balance that process of formation of dioxins is significantly disequilibrium. The results of kinetic researches on emission of harbingers of dioxins showed the nature of the change of different components of combustion products of chemical fuels on time for the different level of temperatures.

Keyphrases: chemical kinetics, chemical reaction, dioxins, multicomponent structure, Temperature

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