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Covid-19 Symptoms Status and Vaccine Slot Availability Checker App

EasyChair Preprint no. 7787

10 pagesDate: April 13, 2022


With its disturbing flood of impacted cases all over the world, lockdown, and the World Health Organization's declaration, the Novel Coronavirus, Coronavirus, 19 has been declared pandemic throughout the world by the WHO. Individuals are viewed as ready to forestall the spread of illness exclusively by bringing issues to light, friendly separation, cover use, and so forth. They don't know which areas of mainstream society are more impacted by this pandemic. After the vaccine arrives, everyone can take it very fast. In front of the government, the biggest problem is how to manage this vaccine process. It is not possible to get vaccinated completely in 10 to 15 days. There is a frenzy of circumstance between individuals of a country. We make programming to take care of these issues. This task produced for following COVID-19 antibody spaces accessible in your pin-code and region for the 18+ age category. Once available, it will send email notifications at periodic intervals to subscribers until slots are available. A android-based system is proposed for this business management page such as Automobile Service Center or Beauty Parlor / Saloons etc. to control the spread of social gatherings. The proposed system has features such as a single application for service providers and customers. Verification of real customers and service providers will be done through OTP and store-based photographs respectively. The owner can keep track of the details of his employees by registering and can track regular customers. It helps to book easily and cancel appointments. The customer can view non working days with the event calendar and the services provided and their cost, time required etc.We have added google maps in order to determine the most covid affected areas so that If your area is affected by COVID-19, you can use Google Maps to obtain relevant information on impacted places.

Keyphrases: Android, Authentication, Check Vaccine Availability, Covid19 Cases, Firebase Cloud Storage, identification, Vaccination Statistics

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