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Exchanging the Books Online

EasyChair Preprint no. 6283

3 pagesDate: August 12, 2021


Now-a-days, Books are playing the Major role in human life. Every Book is important to human life. But those Books, we throwing in dustbin when we are perfect with the content in that Book, But the Books which we are throwing in dustbin may useful to any other person, this is the truth. So without throwing the Books in the dustbin which are not useful to us, But we can give to other people who will want and sometimes we may not have the book which we will want, By exchanging the books we can have what we want and we will give what we do not want. By doing this we will save some trees, Because Books are made from tree, By deforestation we are getting those Books, with this, pollution will increase. So By exchanging the books to each other. We may save the trees and we may decrease atleast minimum percentage of the pollution and the deforestation . This Web application will help the saving of the trees and not waste any single Book. With this application we can exchange at any time and any where, First we have to Register into the application, after that our homepage will be appear in that we can see our profile, Add a Book is we have to add the Book which is not use, we can see our orders and our requests. In orders we will send the Request to the seller. In requests we get requests  who will want our books.

Keyphrases: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP

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