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Escape Room as learning environment: combining technology, theater and creative writing in education

EasyChair Preprint no. 1485

9 pagesDate: September 6, 2019


Meaningful learning activities can challenge pupils to work, cooperate, face appropriate and contextualised challenges and help them understand problems and different situations. Learners need to develop cognitive, emotive and scientific objectives and highly thinking and metacognitive skills relating to analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Creativity in schools needs fresh ideas and students that have communication and collaboration skills and are highly interested and motivated in order to fully participate in a project. This paper reveals how escape rooms can be used as a learning environment even at the stage of design. It presents the outcomes of a questionnaire that students answered at the beginning, concerning their opinions about the school and escape rooms. It highlights the design steps and the difficulties that arouse during this procedure, that took place in a Vocational School in Greece. It reports on the benefits of a project about an escape room that challenges students to use different tools such as new technologies, theater and creative writing. Finally it provides a new insight into a multilevel cooperation between teachers and pupils of different Specialties and argues that these capabilities can be understood, learned and applied by others engaged in same projects, in order to contribute to future studies of school innovation and success.

Keyphrases: creative writing, drama tools, Education, Escape Room, live action games, Multimedia, Technology, theater

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