CAINE 2020. The 33rd International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering

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3D graphics, Anonymity, AR, arrival time, assignment problem, association rules, Broadcast, Chinese Remainder Theorem, Ciphertext, COVID-19, Cryptography, cultural heritage, Data Mining, digital signature, Digital Transformation, driver attention classification, high-throughput phenotyping, Hungarian algorithm, image processing, incremental assignment problem, intelligent transportation, logistic regression, machine learning, Microservice automata, Microservice-based architectures, Microservices, monolith, Overlay Multicast, Photogrammetry, Plaintext, Prevention, public key, Pyramid tree, quality model, Random Forest, Residue class, RSA, Security, seed morphometry, software development, Software product quality, Strategy, structured P2P network2, Support Vector Machine, Symmetric key, truck platooning, VR, Waiting time., watershed algorithm, Web Services, weighted bipartite graph