Proceedings of International Symposium on Applied Science 2019

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3D reconstruction, Abyss Distributed Storage, activated carbon, active contour, Adiabatic theory, ADPI, Adsorption, Aerodynamic interaction, amorphous Si, Angiography, ANSYS CFX, ARANEUS 2.0, Arduino, Artificial Neural Network, Bending analysis, Biodiesel, Bioimpedance2, Biomedical segmentation, blood vessel, blood vessels, bone regeneration, Brain-inspired computing, breast cancer, Bridge inspection system, burn wound, Cancer Detection, Cardiovascular, Chilli stem, circularly polarized laser, CMOS, color reduction, Computational Physics3, Computed Tomography, COMSOL2, control, cosmic hoizon, crack, crystalline Si, CT human liver image, cysteine, Data Lake, Data Loss Prevention, DBD Plasma, deconvolution, deep learning, density functional theory, dental lesions, Diagnostic, differential cross section, Differential Evolution, Diffuser, dynamic, dynamic programming, EEG, effectiveness, Electrical Impedance Myography, electron induced diffraction spectra, exercise physiology2, extended, eye movement, FEM, FG sandwich beams, Field robot2, finite element method, finite element model, flapping-wing micro air vehicle, folding transition, Forest industry, Forestry, functional imaging, Genetic Algorithm, Glaucoma, glutathione, Go-like potential, Gold cluster, graph, harmonic vibrational frequency, healing wound, heart rate variability2, helicopter rotor, Hessian-based filter, high-pressure phase, hole, Hydrogen, Hyperelasticity, in silico, inclusion, information, insect-like, Insomnia disorders, Intravenous, Ionization rate, laser-induced electron diffraction, limb defect, linear perturbation, Logistics, low-level laser therapy2, Mapping, maximum power production, meshfree method, meshless method, mice, Microstructure, modified gravity, molecular dynamics, molecular dynamics study (MD), molecular vibration effect, Mooney-Rivlin model, motion planning, Myocardial Infarction, near infrared5, neo-Hookean model, neural network, Neurological, noninvasive, OCT, operating room, Optical CT, Optimization, Osteoblast, osteoclast, Otsu thresholding, palm oil, PenH simulation, phase transformation, photoelectron momentum distribution, point-spread-function (PSF)., Polynomial exponential form, Polyoxometalate, proton imaging, proton therapy, quadrilateral vortex, quantitative rescattering method, recovery status2, Reservoirs, Retina Vessel Density, Robotics, Root Mean Square Deviation, ROS, rotor-fuselage, RPIM, safety stock, scattering2, Scattering suppression, Security, Shamir’s secret sharing, silicate materials, Silicene, simulation, Single mode fiber, Single-walled carbon nanotubes, SLAM, Sleeping disorders, speech recognition, SPSS, stationary bike training2, stress3, teeth, the growth index of the universe, third-degree thermal burn, transillumination2, transillumination imaging, tube-like model, twice interpolation, under temperature, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, upper arm, value, various beam theories, vascular diseases, ventilation, vertically ascending flapping flight, vertices, volatile organic compound, von Neumann architecture, Vortex Lattice Method, Wire-driven robot, X-ray, X-rays, XTFEM